This section is for ESL students.  You can practice these on your own to help you improve!
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab:  You will listen and/or read a variety of short stories or
interviews and then answer questions about what you understood.
BBC World Service:  This interesting site is for people who speak some Enlgish, already.  You can
listen to news stories or watch a video and answer questions or listen (while you read) interesting
articles and then answer questions.
CNN & LiteracyNet: This is an excellent site!  You can listen to or watch a video on a news story,
while reading it.  Then you can get a vocabulary test, word selection test, multiple choice test,
sequencing test and a conclusion test!  It is completely self-guided and supported.  The articles are
real news articles and directed towards adults.  But, mature teenagers will benefit!
Elllo: You will listen to a number of people talk.  Then you will answer a multiple choice test, fill
in the blank test and more....updated weekly!
Takako's Great Adventure: This 10 part story for teens and up with a moderate amount of
English provides an exciting story and a good variety of self-guided tests to check for
English Maze: This nifty site has some free game samples (the rest is a pay site), but it is worth
it.  Make sure you try to the "pre" and "post" maze skill games.
Stonesoup: Students your age write a story and then record it for you.
Many Things for ESL students:: lots of practice games on grammar, vocabulary and
pronunciation...Must see!  Some examples:
Audio Concentration                           Pronunciation Game                   Word Works

Magnet Board                                   Scrambled Sentences                   Matching
Bradley's ESL Games: ESL learning and I need to say anymore? :)
Adele's ESL Corner: Practice grammar, vocabulary and listening/comprehension.  Self guided.
ESL Resources
Practice Games & Learn Vocabulary from ANY language!!  Site 1     2     
ESL Bears: Lots of activities from vocabulary quizzes to listening skills