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Fire Art : Make Art with FIRE
This site has a little bit of might learn something! :)
Make Your Own Fireworks HERE
Make Art with Sand
Check out this site...every day they answer
a "
WONDER" question...They answer in
words and in a video!
Educate Yourself: Watch CNN Student
News 3 times a week.

The Record online (MrRyan)and
Audios and Science 360  and NBC
Learn  and Orbit  
Are YOU as American as "Apple Pie"?  
Can YOU Pass the American
Citizenship Quiz?
Krypto : Can you get the right answer
See where all the planets are on a
specific help to understand
how to work it.
Here is a really interesting site about the
solar system...
The most famous museum in the world is
Smithsonian.  You can take a 3D takes awhile to load and to figure
out but you can "walk" around the
museum and see some great stuff!
Watch Teen Kids News & Stay Informed
SLOOH Telescope: They track LIVE
events with their telescope, but you have
to watch the time!
It is very important for you to learn to TYPE
the RIGHT way!!  If you learn the right way,
you can type your essays quicker and more
professional.  PLEASE practice these games:  
Learn to type  
1   2   3   4  
Visit special places around the world
with this
Google "3D" site!
Play with Morse Code  1  2  
Learn HTML Code to make websites!
Check out NJ's Lighthouses!
National Geographic for Kids: News
and Videos on lots of interesting topics!
Check Out these Videos on the History
of NJ.  I bet you didn't know all these
interesting things happened
NJ!!!  Did you know NJ is celebrating
its 350th Birthday???
Celebrate an HOUR OF
: Learn to program computers
and make games:  Simple step by
step directions & videos:
 1  2    3   
Learn something new: NASA Sci Casts
Videos on different topics
Great 3D tour of the International Space
Family Crest  1