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Cliffside Park Board of Education
Cliffside Park Municipal Government
Bergen County Government & Programs
Locate/Contact your State Legislator
Locate/Contact your Federal Representative
House          or                Senate
Low cost health insurance for families
and children by the State of NJ
NJ Dept. of Education
Services and information provided by the
State of NJ for residents.
It can be difficult to talk to your child
about drugs, smoking, etc. Studies have
shown that parents who discuss these
important topics, have children who are
less likely to try drugs, smoking, etc.  Do
not wait...they are NOT too young.  Here
is a great site to help.
Project Literacy: Help for adults who
would like to learn to speak, read and
write English.  Cliffside Park Location.
ESL Classes:  Site
1     Site 2    Site 3  
Every month, the students try and
perform a "good deed".  
Volunteering is
extremely important and very
rewarding...hundreds of opportunities are
located here.
Are you  prepared? Dept. of Homeland
Security.  Sign up for Emergency
Alerts From the Govt.
Child Support Information
Site 1       &         Site 2
Discounted Prescription Program  and a second site
Tutoring & Athletics by the Cliffside
Park Police Athletic League is located at
665 Anderson Ave. Call 201-313-2031
See if you qualify for state programs
(Food Stamps, Childcare, Health
Insurance, Utilities Assistance, General
Assistance, Elder info and
locations)  Site
Help support our troops!!!
CP Megan Law/Sex Offenders
Control what your kids watch on TV
Protecting children on the computer & Internet
NJ Dept. of Corrections
Bergen County 211 Information on Social
Charity Watchlist: Does the charity that
you support, use its money wisely?
NJ Transit: Bus & Train schedules
Do you have a health question?  Need
medical information?  Use the
Ask a
Nurse Program
at Holy Name Hospital.  
Talk to a registered nurse about any
medical concerns that you have:
Help with keeping track of all the food,
drug and
product recalls
Low Cost Dental Programs: 1    2    
Free Cell Phone Service Program
Low Cost Medical Care
Low Cost Eye Exams & Glasses: 1    2  
Help Protect Our Public Schools 1    
Locate Food and Product Recalls: 1   2  
Reliable Health & Disease Information
From the US Govt.  
1     2    3    
How to become an American Citizen
Register to VOTE.  It is important to
vote in all elections!
Driving somewhere? Check out road
closings and roadway traffic.  Lots of
web cameras to view traffic!!
There are many great programs to help financially
struggling families.  There is NO shame in getting
help that you need.  It is important that you do the
best that you can for your child.  Here is a great
site that helps you figure out which
NJ programs
you qualify's in English and Spanish